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As much as we've tried to fill our site with all the info and options for you find whatever it is you came here looking for… we know that there are going to be some questions or booking options that are not possible without speaking to a human. And luckily, Igloo is run entirely by humans.

Need to enquire about a group booking of more than 5 people? Staying for a long period of time?

Whatever your query, you can give us a call or send us an email or fill out a form below and press 'Submit' and we'll find a solution. BUT… since we have more than one building, which means we have more than one reception, so please see the different contact info for each building if your question has to do with a specific building (if it is just a general enquiry, either option will be a fine way to start a discussion with us… our buildings are only a 15 minute walk from each other, and most of our staff spend a little time working at each)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you shoot us off a message, perhaps the answer to your query can be found below…

• Do you have any parking facilities?

If you are staying at IGLOO HYBRID (4-6 Eldon Chambers) then the answer is no (as that building is right in the city centre).

If you are staying at ANNEXE & PODS (100 Mansfield Road) then the answer is…

There is metered street parking on Fulforth street (in front of the Igloo) that is free from 8pm – 8am. Here are the details for all days / times (subject to change):

  • Mon – Sun / 8pm – 8am = FREE

  • Mon – Sat / 8am – 6pm = £1.00 for first hour, 50p for each additional 30mins.

  • Mon – Sat / 6pm – 8pm = £1.00

  • Sun / 8am – 8pm = £1.00 All day

Also, when you arrive, please come talk to reception about parking, as we do have a couple spots behind the new Igloo Pods building, but they are first come, first serve.

If you would prefer a car park , you can check this website for different options: http://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=852


• You don't have availability for all of the days that I am looking to book. I'd love to stay at the Igloo, but it doesn't look like it will be possible. Should I just look elsewhere?

Our online booking button can handle 90% of all booking situations, but since it is a computer, it can only follow certain rules and options (and third party booking engines are even less flexible). If you get in touch with us and let us know your dates, what kind of room you are looking to book, and how many beds / rooms you need, we can take a look and see if we can move any bookings around to make things work for everyone (some of our rooms are more flexible than what we can show on any online booking engines). So yes, please get in touch even if it looks like we are full.

• I'm going to be staying in Nottingham for a long period of time, do you have any special rates for long stays?

Yes we do. Depending on availability, we have a special weekly rate available for people staying in our dorm rooms for a long period of time (after 10 nights at the regular price, we have a special weekly 'resident rate' available). Depending on availability and time of year, we can also offer a reduced rate for guests staying a long period of time in our private rooms. Please contact our reception team for more details.

• Why don't you accept hen nights / stag nights / large party groups?

We don't believe any one person's stay should be ruined by another group or individual. That's not to say that we are a bunch of squares, but there is a noticeable difference between people going out on the town, having a good time, and coming back and being responsible and respectful to everyone sharing their accommodation and 10 guys dressed as sailors, getting blind drunk in town, and then being loud and obnoxious and sick all over the place. We also accommodate families and school groups… so yeah, no hen nights / stag nights / large party groups allowed here.

• Are towels supplied?

We do not supply towels... however, we do have bath towels available to rent from reception. We also do not supply toiletries. All linen and bedding is supplied. And a little unrelated, but... there is free coffee, tea, and sugar in the kitchen (but milk / cream is not provided).

• How far away are you from…?

Nottingham's city centre is very compact, so basically anything in the city centre is within walking distance from the Igloo (i.e. you'll never need to walk more than 20 minutes to get anywhere in the city centre). We are also located a 2 minutes walk from the Victoria Bus station, where you will be able to catch a bus to almost anywhere else in the greater outskirts of the city. But please contact our reception team with where you need to go and we'll help you figure out the best route. Or, you can also go to Google maps and press 'Get Directions', enter the postcode for the building you are staying at [ if you are staying IGLOO HYBRID, you would enter 'NG1 2NS' // if you are staying at ANNEXE & PODS, you would enter 'NG1 3HD' ] and then the postcode of where you need to get to… and through the magic of the internet you will be given walking directions & driving directions & even public transit options!