Get to know our hostel assistant family! There will be at least one of us ready to greet you when you arrive and make you feel at home in any of our Igloo buildings. You'll be speaking to one of us if you call reception or via emails too.



Bossy part-timer mostly in Spain

Joined Igloo: 1996

Favourite thing to do in Notts
 Art, gigs and caves

Loves: tapas, siestas, the outdoors
Hates: marmite



Find me drinking coffee, and making friends with local businesses

From: Staffordshire, ENGLAND
Joined Igloo: June 2015

Favourite thing to do in Notts
Having a beer at the Lincolnshire Poacher, rummaging in the charity shops in Hockley, going to gigs,buying everything I don't need in IKEA.

Loves: Making holiday itineraries, naps, record buying on Mansfield Road.
Hates: When people don't recycle properly!


Find me online, competing with future generations of space travellers.

Joined Igloo: October 2015

Favourite thing to do in Notts
Walk around at night when there are only foxes and cats around, Mint mushy peas from Goose Fair.

Loves: Computers (not the Apple ones) and animals. Experimenting. Not on animals. To be vegan.
Hates: I like to keep hate out of my life, but I can’t stand penguins. I hate it when they follow me.


Find me playing with numbers & stats

From: Chaumont, FRANCE
Joined Igloo: January 2015

Favourite thing to do in Notts
Enjoying an outdoor cinema with Sunset Cinema Club where you can bring your own comfy seat and food for a nice movie in the evening.

Loves: Travelling, TV shows, Excel, Strawberry Lime Cider
Hates: Crowded places & walking slowly on a busy footpath.


Find me writing the Igloo blog

From: Northamptonshire, ENGLAND
Joined Igloo: May 2017

Favourite thing to do in Notts
Exploring the outdoor spaces! Stonebridge City Farm, Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens, The Arboretum, Bestwood Country Park and Wollaton Hall are my favourites.

Loves: Flowers, vegetables, reggae
Hates: Being on a bus in rush hour


Queen of the bedding cupboard
(Self Proclaimed)

From: Bordeaux, FRANCE
Joined Igloo: April 2017

Favourite thing to do in Notts
Going out for lunch/dinner (The Peacock, Suede and Nada Budaya are among my favourites), walking around aimlessly finding hidden gems like Bun Mii on George St, and going for a swim

Loves: Bread, trying new recipes
Hates: Badly folded laundry



From: Poland/USA hybrid
Joined Igloo: February 2018

Favourite thing to do in Notts
Finding quirky new people and places (new favorite is Pepper Rocks, its almost like a treehouse bar!), and biking around town and nature areas.

Loves: Black socks, vegan donuts, and poodle mixes
Hates: Pigeons. 100%



From: High Wycombe UK/SPAIN
Joined Igloo: April 2017

Favourite thing to do in Notts
Exhibition opening nights at the NAE, Contemporary or Surface gallery. Charity Shopping especially in Sherwood. Open mic nights at the Maze or Jam Café. Oh and the vegan market in Sneinton Market.

Loves: Painting, Playing the guitar, Hiking, Travel and Languages.
Hates: My phone and iPad


Find us hanging out in the kitchen, working on reception or housekeeping!


Currently at Igloo:

Julie, Paul, Neil, Antoine & Giuseppe.

Favourite thing to do in Notts
Going out and karaoke nights
Meeting new people staying at Igloo
Going for coffee at Ugly Bread Bakery




"I’m a Pasta lover!”

From: Romanengo, ITALY
Joined Igloo: February 2017

Favourite thing to do in Notts
Going out with friends, enjoying live concerts around the city and hiking to discover new landscapes.

Loves: street art, nature, climbing.
Hates: when I don’t have time to do what I love to do!