A Brand New Website…


If you've ever visited 'igloohostel.co.uk' before, then you have probably noticed that things are looking a little bit different around here. Well, that's because we built a new website.

Hopefully you'll love the new look. And hopefully you'll find that important things like making a booking (and did you know that when you book directly with our online booking button, we'll be donating a portion to charity?) and finding things to do while you are in Nottingham, as well as everything else, are easier to do now.

We had a few minor hiccups yesterday when launching (well, our email went down for a few hours… so maybe slightly bigger than 'minor'), but everything should be up and working properly now. So please have a poke around the site and let us know what you think (and if you have any suggestions).

We'll be tweaking and adding more things in the next little while, so come back often. And if you could share a link to the site on your Facebooks, Twitters, Blogs, Websites, What Ever Else The Kids These Days Are Using, that would be awesome (as that kind of stuff helps our google search placing).