Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens

Every year Igloo chooses 3 local charities to support, for 2017/18 we have chosen Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens, City Arts and Make to Make. For every booking made via our website's booking button we put aside 50p, then at the end of the year we share the funds raised between the chosen charities. We feel it really important to support what is happening in our locality, and even more so organisations without much funding or backing from major groups, but who are still doing their thing and doing it well!

Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens was created in 2001 by local residents in the Meadows area of Nottingham. It was an unused playing field that has now been transformed into a beautiful space that provides the diverse community with fresh produce, education and oppourtunities to get gardening. The gardens also have a wide range of organically grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants for sale, as well as their home made chutneys, jams and other preserves. They welcome visitors and are just 10 minutes walk away from Nottingham Train Station, we urge you to take a small detour out of the city centre to see this wonderful place. Open until 4pm in the winter and on Saturday too! AMC also have a wide range of events throughout the year, with their next one being a winter hedgerow wreath making workshop - all event info here.

You can follow their community gardening adventures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Find directions to the gardens here.