Goose Fair

Here in Nottingham the nights are starting to get longer, autumn leaves are littering the ground, the fog and rain has arrived and a giant goose statue has appeared on a roundabout... it's Goose Fair time!

Goose Fair is one of Europe's oldest and most famous travelling fairs that has been held here for over 720 years. It is said that the fair started in 1284 and has only been cancelled a few times (once due to bubonic plague in the 1600s and then during WWI and WWII). Originally it was held in Old Market Square and gets its name from the thousands of geese that used to be sold at the fair. 

Now situated on the Forest Recreation Ground it hosts over 500 attractions and rides (think ghost trains, carousels, fun houses, dodgems, waltzers, a big wheel and LOADS more for young, old and everyone in between). There is also plenty of shopping stalls, street food and fun fair sweets (world foods, roasted chestnuts, crepes, noodles, the traditional fair brandy snaps and so on.) 

For a traditional experience at Goose Fair a cup of mushy peas and mint sauce is a must!! Then a trip to the Scouts cabin at the top right corner of the park for fresh hot doughnuts. Hidden amongst the rides and other stalls is the Cock On A Stick man who sells giant boiled sweet lollys in the shape of a cockerel, the authentic Goose Fair sweet treat that can be found nowhere else.

Admission is FREE! If you want to go on any rides they are all different prices but usually between £1-£6, you can collect vouchers or cheap ride tokens from The Nottingham Post and can sometimes find them online too, just google Goose Fair vouchers.

You can get to Forest Recreation Ground on the tram (a minute away from Igloo Hybrid) or if you are staying at Igloo Annexe and Pods it is just a 5-10 minute walk! It starts on Wednesday 4th October and continues until Sunday 8th October until 9pm. We recommend going in the evening or at night to get the full experience!

Wednesday 4th October 5.30pm - 11pm
Thursday 5th October 12 noon - 11pm
Friday 6th October 11am - 11.30pm
Saturday 7th October 11am - 11pm
Sunday 8th October 1pm - 9pm