Igloo Pods Leftovers!!!


Today was a good day to be staying in the new Igloo Pods building... check out the sweet leftovers that someone left behind!!

Is it butter? Is it not butter? And is that drink made with real cherries?!

I guess the only way to find out is to book a room in the Pods and see for yourself :)

In Other News… Check Out Our New Building!!!

We've been so busy around here that we almost forgot to post some pictures from the brand new Igloo Pods building that we opened. Well, let's fix that right now.

It's inspired by lots of travelling, fellow explorers, and a passion for value. Using mainly up-cycled and second-hand furniture (with added touches of top notch comfort features and personality), as well independent Nottingham traders and locally sourced products wherever possible, including murals in the rooms & building spray painted by talented local graffiti artist Smallkid … we are passionate to show how a hostel should truly look and feel these days.

And you can book a room in the new Pods building over on our Booking Button (50p from each booking made directly with us goes to charity)!


Everyone's talking about a #superbowl tonight… well there are two Superb Owl's in our new ‘Nest’ room! And you can now book that room and any of our new Igloo Pods rooms exclusively on our Booking Button (and 50p from each booking goes to charity)!


Honey Moon Suite On Opening Night!


Fully booked on opening night and the Camper Van has got Just Married cans tied to the the bumper! Congratulations - You both look stunning!

PS - you can book this room too (or any other of our brand new Pods rooms) over on our Booking Button