Volunteer Experience: Alexandra

Hey everyone!

My name is Alexandra, I’m 20 and I’m French. I came in England to improve my English. I chose this option to be in touch with lots of people and of course because the concept is very nice: you have to work just 4hours/day and you’re accommodated. It’s funny and sporting, you clean bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens… you have to garden also. All tasks are very diversified. The rest of the time, you’re free, so you can visit, practise sports (Formula One, best gym ever), discover a new culture and new people.

I didn’t choose Nottingham, the opportunity presented itself, but if I had to go back it’s obvious. The city isn’t big but it’s really cute and you have lots of good places to eat (all type of food: vegan, Korean, typical English…), to do shopping (charity markets, famous brands…). The life here isn’t expensive and I was really surprise to see how the city is safe. You can hanging out later and nobody troubles you.

I stay here for 6 weeks. I share my room with 3 roommates. They aren’t French so it’s really interesting because I’m obliged to speak English with them. Igloo Hostel is the coolest place to stay, rooms are lovely and you have a kitchen, you can meet people and be more autonomous. It is situated 5min from the biggest shopping centre, the streets have lots of markets too and they close later. 

So, when would you like to come ?!

Alexandra x