Volunteer Experience: Manuela

Hi there!

I’m a Colombian volunteer in Igloo Hostel.

You may ask why and how a Colombian girl ended up volunteering in a hostel located 8500 km away from her home city. Many people have asked me why I decided to change the lovely weather of my city, between 20 to 25⁰C all year round as there are no seasons, and a very warm culture for the English freezing and windy autumns/winters. Well, I decided to come to the UK to study my master’s degree at the University of Nottingham and after a year of new experiences, including seeing snow for the first time (just to mention one), I realised I had fell in love with this city and decided to stay a little bit longer.

I love the student/relaxed atmosphere of the city. Everybody is friendly and willing to ask you about your traditions, family and even eager to learn your language and culture.

I found out that I could volunteer in a hostel and even though I was sceptic at the beginning this place has become my new home! I have had the chance to meet so many people from different backgrounds, to experience countless cultures and to enjoy my staying in the UK even more intensely than I had in the whole previous year!

So far, the most memorable experience has been meeting my international, non-blood related family! With you: the volunteer’s team: Spain, France, Colombia, Italy and Japan.


What a mixture right? We have created such a lovely bond taking care of each other, traveling, partying and specially cooking together!


I have enjoyed every trip, event in the city, movie night or stupid pranks we do to ourselves every day.  This has become my new life and I’m sure this family will last forever without mattering how far we are from each other.

So, why would I want to leave Nottingham? this place has brought to my life good experiences, love and  valuable friends! Just have a look…