Eat Good And Save Some Money During The Ashes

We just had to take picture of this group's Ashes outfits!

We just had to take picture of this group's Ashes outfits!

Hartleys Coffee & Sandwich Bar (21 Carlton St - click here for walking directions from the Igloo) are offering a 10% discount off breakfasts Wed-Sat... you just have to show them your ‪Ashes‬ tickets at the till.

And don't forget that everyone staying at the Igloo / Annexe gets 25% off of their food at The Golden Fleece and 20% off at Red Chilli (both are just across the road from us - i.e. you can see both from our lounge window). You just need to show them your Igloo / Annexe room key (ps - the Fleece and Red Chilli discount is an all year round discount for you lovely Igloo'rs).

Enjoy the ashes everyone... and remember to eat in between some of those pints!

Igloo Recommends - The Secrect Kitchen Cafe

Anyone heard of The Secret Kitchen Cafe yet?! Well you should, because it is far too great to be kept a 'secret'.

We LOVE the concept and will be going down for a social meal next Tuesday (June 19th, 2013). Join us if you can......we are hoping our Japanese resident busker will also be down to provide nice sounds for everyone's ears :)

For those who have never heard of it before, here is a quick description: 

Looking forward to spending some time there, eating tasty food and meeting some cool people! (click here for directions on how to get there from the Igloo)