Volunteer Experience: Ignacio

I really wanted to live in England for a while, to perceive the ways in which people speak, accents, phrases, registers (I am passionate about language and communication). At the same time, I needed a year away from college and work. After five years of study and two years of work, I perceived that I was becoming a little lonely, self-absorbed and less and less communicative. I decided that a long trip, in which I could meet people, socialize and exchange, would help me grow, explore other personal areas a little forgotten.

That sounds romantic and courageous, but I was very scared: I had never traveled to Europe and I was afraid that the place is not cozy, that people are not so warm to foreigners, that the climate is merciless. But getting here was like a warm hug, (metaphorically, of course, people usually do not touch each other when they say hello).

The atmosphere of the hostel is so cozy, the facilities are beautiful. I understood right away that good vibes do not come from the building itself. It's the volunteers, the receptionists and the managers who make it a special place. Among all the people who work here, a relationship is maintained that combines symmetry in personal treatment, with the responsibility of each one in their tasks, always with warmth, joy and willingness to listen and help each other. It is clear that in such an environment, people easily become friends and that moments are lived with intensity.


I've been here for 2 months and I could choose Nottingham as my home. It is a charming city, with very diverse architectural styles and very well preserved. The vitality in its streets is perceived and students who come from all over the world bring diversity and openness to cultural differences.

 I was happy in each of my days with my roommates, in each night out, in each visit to museums and historical places, each talk, food and laugh with the people who are part of this team. It makes me emotional to think that my volunteer experience will end in a short time, but I also leave my dear Igloo so that someone else feels, as I did, their spaces and the people who live there.


Volunteer Roles and Programmes


These opportunities are available to nationalities over the age of 18 and are suitable for people who are reliable and able to communicate in English at high intermediate level. You must also be capable of carrying out the different tasks involved.

You will be supporting the Igloo in a variety of tasks including housekeeping, cleaning, welcoming guests as well as some general maintenance including decorating and ground keeping.It is important that you are flexible and open-minded to perform the tasks involved with volunteering within a hostel environment.

You will be a valued member of our hostel team and be given guidance and training to carry out all the duties you will be involved with. We have strong team ethics and will always ensure that you will be given a full introduction to your volunteer role.

Accommodation and food allowances are available while you are volunteering. You will need to provide your own meals at all other times and self-catering facilities are available.

Ideally we are looking for people who can support the hostel for a period of minimum 6- 8 weeks or more 20-24 hours per week. However, please do get in touch if you have any time to give.

For volunteer roles, please email us via reception@igloohostel.co.uk or call us on 0044 (0)115 947 5250.


The Team @ Igloo Backpackers Hostel & Annexe

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We LOVE the concept and will be going down for a social meal next Tuesday (June 19th, 2013). Join us if you can......we are hoping our Japanese resident busker will also be down to provide nice sounds for everyone's ears :)

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Looking forward to spending some time there, eating tasty food and meeting some cool people! (click here for directions on how to get there from the Igloo)